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From very humble and complicated beginnings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a spiritual intervention that set her on an elevated track, that included attending a world-renowned boarding school and University in New England, and travels abroad have all contributed to the rare perspective that is held by Chrishaunda Lee Perez.

Having experienced life on the disregarded margins of the world as a child, to living up close to literal "excel-lence" has afforded Chrishaunda the ability to relate to a myriad of people, places, and things. She uses these dynamics as inspiration for much of her work, oftentimes centering on themes of empathy for all people, and particularly for women and girls.

Her first book, a memoir, titled, "Share The Dream", written for Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary founder, Jama Hedgecoth, explores the truth that any "ordinary" person can ascend to doing extraordinary things. "We Come as Girls, We Leave as Women", Chrishaunda Lee Perez's second book, and debut novel, simplifies the complexities of cultural and socio-economic differences of senior year-aged boarding school girls, and spends more time shining a light on their fundamental similarities as an anchor to inspire them to help one another traverse each road to adulthood. This novel has organically developed into a successful interactive speaker platform, including real participants to explore the foundational themes within the book.

Other written works by Chrishaunda Lee include the roles of co-

writer and co-producer of acclaimed historical short sci-fi film, "The Forever Tree" (2017), a contributing writer, producer, and host for Self Evident Media (2020-), founder and writer of "Legacy Love Story", a memoir service that encaptures in written short, story form, the bond that brings forth a family, and as a contributing editor for an upcoming iconography book about Billie Holiday (2021). An additional "As Told To" memoir about the life and career of Hall of Fame songwriter and legendary music producer, Dallas Austin, will be released in short form (2021) and full version (2022).

In addition to her conversation program, "The Young & Woke Show, Chrishaunda Lee Perez serves as a public speaker in a variety of forums both domestically and internationally.




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Chrishaunda Lee Perez