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We Come as Girls,

We Leave as Women

When the senior class of the world-famous Madame Ellington School for Girls begins their final year, several students experience life-changing events that will reshape who they are throughout their transitions into womanhood. From final exams to graduation dresses, these become second priority as they struggle to navigate their personal lives. Romantic relationships, body-image issues, sexuality, and criminal activity threaten to turn their worlds upside down. Graduation is the goal, yet at what cost will each of them succeed? Whatever their fate, they learn they don’t have to go it alone. 

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Share the Dream: Building Noah's Ark One Prayer at a Time

God put a dream in the heart of Jama Connor Hedgecoth when she was four years old. She began a faithful journey filled with incredible miracles, which led to 250 acres of land that she calls "Noah's Ark". At this magical place, Jama has raised four birth children, six adopted children, more than four hundred foster children, and nurtures fifteen hundred plus animals of over one hundred species, including internationally recognized bear, lion, and tiger trio known as the BLT.

Lady Day:
Body and Soul

Lady Day: Body & Soul presents Billie Holiday as style icon and influence on countless generations of artists, singers, stylists, writers and fans, from the 1930s to present day. It is a large format, full-colour, lavishly illustrated and designed tribute to Lady Day, created in cooperation with the estate of Billie Holiday. Chrishaunda Lee Perez features as a contributing editor to Lady Day: Body and Soul, which is set to be released in the Spring of 2022.

Publisher- Rocket 88

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Share the Dream_Cover.jpg
Share the Dream_Cover.jpg
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Chrishaunda Lee Perez earned her start in media, television, and film when hired to correspond on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and later on Entertainment Tonight. Ms. Perez evolved those opportunities into writing professionally, and her first book, "Share The Dream: Building Noah's Ark One Prayer at a Time", released spring 2018. The welcoming reception for the story about one woman's belief for a better tomorrow created an opportunity to spread a positive word about animals and children with Noah's Ark's dedicated and visionnare founder, Jama Hedgecoth, who is the subject of the miracle-filled memoir. Prior to releasing this story, Chrishaunda partnered to co-write and co-produce a film about a young women's historic journey for equality and empowerment through magical realism called, "The Forever Tree". The short film debuted at The Bentonville Film Festival to rave reviews.

In addition to completing a new compelling memoir about another woman's purposeful journey to triumph, set to release in the fall of 2020, Chrishaunda is in active development for a full-length film narrative comparing and contrasting the devastating effects on the lives of two women who derive from opposite socio-economic backgrounds, yet are both battling with issues of substance abuse. 

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